Plastic Profile Production Line

About Plastic Profiles

Plastic profiles refer to plastic products with the same cross-sectional shape that are continuously extruded by extrusion method, except for extruded products such as pipes, plates, rods, and films. Plastic profiles have excellent performance such as light weight, corrosion resistance, good bearing performance, strong decoration, and easy installation. Widely used in construction, electrical appliances, furniture, transportation, civil engineering, water conservancy, daily necessities and other fields. Soft profiles are mainly used as gaskets and seals, and hard profiles are mainly used as structural materials. With the progress and development of composite co-extrusion technology, the application field of plastic profiles has been expanded. The plastic materials that can be used for profile extrusion are mainly PVC, PE, PP, ABS plastic, PMMA, etc.

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Application And Characteristics Of Plastic Profiles

Application Fields

Processing Features

Production Process Plastic Profile Production Line

The production process routes of plastic profiles mainly include single-screw extruder extrusion molding process and twin-screw extruder extrusion molding process, and the raw materials for extrusion of the two processes are mixed according to a certain formula through a mixing process. mixed powder or granules.

Single Screw Extruder Extrusion Molding

The single-screw extruder extrusion molding process is especially suitable for the production of small batches or small-sized profiles. The process flow is as follows:
PVC value + plastic additives ➜ mixing ➜ pelletizing ➜ single screw extrusion ➜ vacuum setting ➜ cooling ➜ traction ➜ cutting ➜ stacking

Single screw extruder

Twin Screw Extruder Extrusion Molding

The extrusion molding process of twin-screw extruder can be directly formed by powder, and the production capacity is large, especially suitable for the production of large batches of conventional profiles and large-sized special profiles. The process flow is as follows:
PVC value + plastic additives ➜ mixing ➜  twin screw extrusion ➜ vacuum setting ➜ cooling ➜ traction ➜ cutting ➜ stacking

Twin screw extruder

Equipment Composition  Of Plastic Profile Production Line


Selection Of Single Screw Extruder:

For the production of profiles with small batches or small cross-sectional dimensions, a single-screw extruder is generally selected for forming and processing to avoid waste of production resources and energy. The choice of single-screw extruder depends on two main factors: one is the size of the cross-section of the product, and the other is the output requirement. For molding and processing polyolefin profiles, a single-screw extruder should be used. The diameter of the screw is usually ∅45-120mm, and the length-diameter ratio L/D≥20. The larger the extrusion volume, the larger the screw diameter. The larger the cross-sectional area of the profile, the larger the screw diameter. PVC profiles with small cross-sectional areas are also suitable for production by single-screw extruders. Generally, the screw diameter D is ∅45-65mm, and the length-diameter ratio L/D is about 20.

Option Of Twin Screw Extruder:

Forming twin-screw extruders are generally suitable for processing PVC, especially RPVC. The specifications of the extruder are selected according to the cross-sectional size of the product.

edge banding machine

2. Profile head

The die is the main part of the product forming, and its function is to continuously and uniformly convert the cylindrical melt provided by the extruder into a well-plasticized parison with similar channel interface and geometric dimensions. And then through other processes such as cooling and shaping, the profiled products with good performance are obtained.

Head structure

Profile head can be divided into two categories: plate head and streamlined head. The streamlined head includes multi-stage streamlined head and integral streamlined head.
● The plate head is characterized by simple construction, low cost, fast manufacture, easy adjustment and installation. It is mostly used in the production of polyolefin and SPVC products.
●In the streamlined die, when the size of the product is smaller than the size of the extruder outlet, the runner of the die is relatively simple, which consists of a transition section with a gradually changing runner and a die for direct molding of the product. When the size of the product is larger than the size of the extruder outlet, the flow channel consists of a diverging section, a splitting section, a compression section and a shaping section

Profile head extrusion

Head design

The machine head is designed according to the cross-sectional shape and size requirements of the profiled material, and the design principles are as follows.
●According to the type of resin used in the profiled material and the shape of the interface, confirm the structure of the machine head.
●The die design should have the correct interface shape and dimensional accuracy, and have sufficient length of the shaping section.
●The melt flow channel of the machine head should be streamlined to minimize sudden change and avoid dead angle.

Profile head extrusion

3. Setting device

The function of the cooling and setting device is to stabilize the predetermined shape of the plastic extruded from the die and finish it, so as to obtain products with more accurate cross-sectional dimensions and brighter surface. The cooling and setting device not only determines the dimensional accuracy of the product, but also is a key factor affecting the extrusion rate. There are three main forms of shaping of profiles: closed outer shaping (internal pressure shaping or vacuum shaping), open sliding shaping and internal shaping.

Plastic profile cooling and shaping device

4. Traction device

The function of the traction device is to overcome the frictional resistance of the profile in the fixed die and evenly pull the profile, so that the extrusion process can be carried out stably. Due to the complex shape of the profile, the frictional resistance on the effective area is large, and the traction force is also required. At the same time, in order to ensure the wall thickness, dimensional tolerance, performance and appearance requirements of the profile, the extrusion rate of the profile and the traction rate must be matched. There are three types of tractors used for general profile extrusion.
●Roller tractor
●Crawler tractor
●Rubber belt tractor

Plastic profile extrusion pulling device

5. Cutting device

In order to make the extruded profile meet the requirements of transportation, storage and assembly, the continuously extruded product needs to be cut into a certain length. Generally, a walking circular saw blade is used, the gripper clamps the profile, the saw seat moves synchronously with the profile under the push of the profile extrusion thrust or traction, the saw blade starts to cut, after cutting, the gripper is released, and the saw blade returns In-situ, complete the work cycle of profile cutting.

Plastic profile extrusion cutting device

What Auxiliary Machines You Need For Your Extrusions?



The mixer has a hot and cool pot inside. The hot pot is used to pre-heat the raw materials and mix the raw materials evenly. The cool pot is used to cool down the temperature of raw materials.



It is used to recycle waste plastic profiles for crushing to reduce waste, and the recycled materials can be mixed into raw materials to make new profiles.

Vacuum feeder


It is used in the grinding and processing of various plastic materials in the fields of chemical industry, waste recycling, plastic pipe profile manufacturing, plastic modification and other fields.

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