PP PE WPC Decking Extrusion Line

Parameters :




WPC granule

Product thickness


Product width




Layer configuration

Mono layer; Multi layer

Screw Design

Conical/parallel Twin screw

Line speed


Description :

With Fanlyplas extrusion technology, you can get profiles composed of polymers mix with natural fiber up to 70%-100%, with features of wood looks, reliable mechanical properties, easy installing performance, and environmental protection.

The features of PP/PE WPC decking
1) Elegant nature wood grain texture and touch with wood scent.
2) Elegant and detailed shape design.
3) No cracking, warping and splitting.
4) Water-proof and erosion-proof.
5) Environmental friendly and no other hazard chemical.
6) Safe to use for many years.
7) Low maintenance and no painting.
8) Versatile, can be processed like wood, Carpenter oriented and friendly easy installation.
9) Dimension stability against moisture and temperature.

Mixing machine: Mixing the material according to the formula, generally it can be minimum 70% wood powder
Granulation machine: Making the material into PE granules by hot granulation.
Extrusion line: Making the WPC profile by extrusion and moulding, such as decking, wall panel, post, fence. you can make different products by changing mold.
Online embossing machine: Making beautiful design on the produce surface.
Sanding machine: Making the product surface with unglossy feeling.
Brushing machine: Making the product surface with rough wooden feeling.

Fanlyplas provide customers a wide range of twin screw extruders, with parallel or conical screws. All our extruders have different lengths and drive motors to assure proper plasticizing and output;

Equipment list

  1. Compounding system
  2. Parallel twin screw granulator system
  3. Loader
  4. Conical twin Screw Extruder
  5. Coextruder
  6. Mould or Coextrusion mould
  7. On-line embossing
  8. Calibration table
  9. Haul off
  10. Pneumatic stacker

Features of the device

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