Six Common Sense of PVC Foam Board Processing

The processing characteristics of PVC foam board are roughly the same as that of wood processing. It is only necessary to avoid scorching caused by excessively high working temperature. In addition, the chips generated after processing can be collected, recycled and remanufactured to reduce costs. There is one thing to pay attention when cutting the hollow foam panel. Because the hollow pitch is 23mm for the convenience of door assembling. If multiple slices are overlapped and cut at one time during cutting, the pitches will be different; the tool can be positioned in the way of bolts to facilitate processing.

1.When processing, it can be shaped by the engraving machine according to the design drawing, and then choose whether the surface is to be pasted with Meina board or painted. However, it should be noted that if the surface of the hollow foam board is uneven, it can only be processed by vacuum over molding, and the material is 2mm PVC board.

2.Bending molding is only suitable for solid foam boards, not for hollow foam boards. The processing method is to use the upper and lower dies, cover the aluminum plate on the surface of the wooden die and heat the solid foam board to a plasticizing temperature of 70~90℃, and use the upper and lower dies to directly extrude the shaped foam boards and there will be no changes on the surface of foam boards.

3.Self-adhesive PVC can provide wood grains with different patterns on the surface according to requirements during extrusion manufacturing, which can save unnecessary processing procedures.

4.The surface of PVC foam board can be painted, and the types can be divided into general baking varnish, piano painting, ceramic painting according to different processing methods. Anti-UV ingredients will be added during piano painting processing to avoid surface color changes; In terms of surface hardness, ceramic painting has the advantage of anti-scratch.

5.Next is the common processing method. Paste crystal board (usually single-sided colored acrylic board), Minai board and Minai paper on the surface. In the part of edge banding, most of the processing is generally based on automatic edge banding machines, and automatic edge banding machines are divided into two types: roller type and track type. However, when using hollow foam, the recommended color is similar to the color of the surface covering material to avoid obvious color difference when the paper shrinks after being pasted.

6.which is less likely to cause uneven surface after edge banding. It is very important to adjust the pressure. The color of the foam board can be directly processed and drilled by the NC machine. The material itself can increase the air content of the foam board according to the needs of the purpose by reducing the density to achieve the effects of heat insulation, sound insulation and cost reduction. For example, the weight of the 15mm foam board is the same as the weight of the same volume 10mm foam board. At present, some manufacturers have used the vacuum forming technology to apply foam panels to tabletop molding or the manufacture of large-scale machine covers. However, there is a disadvantage of using it in tabletop molding, that is, the surface has poor durability and is easy to wear.

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