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FANLYPLAS is a leading provider of plastic film, sheet and profile extrusion line services in China, providing total solutions for plastic extrusion machinery and ancillary equipment.

About the company

Are you looking for the best plastic film, sheet or profile extrusion line services in China? Well, you came to the right place. FANLYPLAS is the home of plastic extrusion machinery and ancillary equipment. Thinking of adding or building a new production line? Our business model is designed to make it effortless and cheap for our customers to make the plastic products they intend to sell. We specialize in designing and crafting plastic production lines that are fully automated, highly productive, economical and energy-saving. Other than the machinery, we are also gurus in plant design, equipment scheme, ingredients formula and production debugging. If you are tired of using plastic extrusion equipment that is outdated, power-consuming, inefficient, and expensive to maintain, it is high time you talked to us for a superb solution. 

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Innovative Plastic Engineering Solutions

As a comprehensive R&T enterprise, FANLYPLAS undertakes the research, development, design, and manufacture all kinds of plastic extrusion lines of board, sheet, foil and profile.

Timely Product And Service Delivery

Once we have your order details, we process it and deliver within the shortest time possible. Generally, we have machines that are ready made and some that are semi-ready on standby. The ideal duration of delivery is between 30 to 40 days depending on the kind or quantity of machines you have ordered.

A Rich Pool Of Engineering Experts

Our company boasts a rich pool of experts ready to serve your plastic extrusion needs. We have capable design gurus; manufacturing engineers as well as installation technicians who possess extensive experience to turn your ideas into perfect plastic structures.

Decent Pricing

At FANLYPLAS you get what you pay for. We ensure that the quality of our products and services is worth every penny our customers’ invest. Our company always strives to make sure our clients maximize their profits by quoting the most reasonable prices.

Global Reach

Another attribute that makes our company exceptional is that our operations are not just localized or concentrated in China alone. We serve clients from all over the world. Whether you need a new product, repairs, spare parts or technical services, our dependable customer service team is just a call away regardless of your location.


All our products include a one year warranty. If any of the parts on our product or machinery breaks down due to uncontrolled factors, our customers are entitled to free repairs within the first twelve months upon installation. We will take responsibility in the event of such an occurrence and send new parts by air cargo or courier as soon as possible.

Our Achievement


200+ shipments to 20 countries globally

Ever since we extended our operations to a global scale with the launch of our international business department in 2015, we have managed to partner with over 200 satisfied clients. This has enabled us to smoothly ship plastic extrusion equipment, production lines, and related services to over 20 countries across the world. This includes Russia, India, Brazil, East Africa, South Africa, and Indonesia, just to mention a few.

Customer satisfaction foam board production line

97% Customer Satisfaction

We take pride in the quality of our innovative solutions that have exceeded the expectations of many of our previous customers. It can be proven by a 97% customer satisfaction rate. As if that is not good enough, our company boasts 90% positive reviews from clients that have sourced our production lines and plastic extrusion machinery.

FANLYPLAS SPC Floor Extrusion Line

Multiple National Invention Patents

We have a very capable team of senior engineers, chemical experts, product designers and technicians. Courtesy of their unmatched corporative efforts and their solution-oriented mentality, we are now proud owners a number of national invention patents, utility model patents and new product projects at provincial level. Meanwhile, many key technologies are already in the domestic leading level.

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Get Extrusion Solutions Or Service Today

FANLYPLAS is more than ready to help you design and create extrusion machines according to your personal requirements including machine color, product type, and power material and so on. With our rich experience in the industry, we are always at your disposal if your need a profession perspective or technical suggestions about your project.