Fanlyplas! Extrude your future!

With decades of manufacturing originality, Fanlyplas keeping developing high-end, low energy consumption, higher output, stable production plastic film, sheet and profile extrusion line.

Welcome to the world of FANLYPLAS extrusion technology!

Fanlyplas-Dedicated to plastic film and sheet extrusion line solution.

With years of developing and constantly improving A-Z service. Fanlyplas is capable of providing you a comprehensive package solution in Plastic sheet, foil profile extrusion line.
Fanlyplas, located in Shanghai, China. is becoming active in a worldwide market for over 10 countries.


Our company’s production base factory covers an area of 6,000 square meters.

Output value

We specialize in the production of plastic machinery production lines, with an annual output value of 5 millions US dollars.


More than 16 countries around the world have used our products and received our services.


Since its establishment 16 years ago, the company in sheet and film extrusion line especially in foam products.


Fanlyplas-Your Plastic Extrusion solution Choice To get best performance and results.

Our machine can extrude the plastic sheet,film and profiles which applied in interior and exterior decoration area,building material industry,signage material industry,package material industry,chemical industry and high-end optical products,low weight and higher strength products.

PVC WPC Door Frame2

Exploring What Fanlyplas Offer

Project Evaluation

Assist customers in evaluating the feasibility of the project, site selection, scale, plant design, etc.

Project implementation

According to the project, help customers produce high-quality equipment until installation and acceptance

Project Design

Assist clients in designing plans and drawings that meet their goals and plans.

Personnel Training

Supply the training of machine operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, etc for the customer's staff.

Plan confirmation

Confirm the final plan and details according to the customer's comprehensive situation

Customer Service

Provide customers with "high-quality, fast, and personalized" lifelong service.


Best Benefits for our customers

Factory design

Eliminate customer requirements to help customers plan the most suitable factory planning and configuration plan.

Mechanical configuration

According to the customer's production requirements, we will give customers the best configuration plan.

Production material

Provide customers with professional services of production materials and formulas


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