PVC Edge Banding Extrusion Line

PVC Edge Banding Extrusion Line
edge banding machine

About PVC Edge Banding

This equipment is PVC plastic by processing into a certain specification of thickness and width of the extended roll-shaped products, the product has a good sealing effect, convenient and fast, high utilization rate, suitable for solid wood in line with the furniture, solid wood composite doors and wood-plastic door parts of mechanical sealing.

Edge banding can be produced with different materials but some most common materials are PVC, ABS, PMMA and Veneer. It is due to their high quality, durability, and high strength to be used as edge banding materials. However, the material that is preferred by most industries is PVC

Features And Application Of PVC Edge Banding

PVC Edge Banding



PVC Edge Banding

Equipment Composition of PVC Edge Banding Extrusion Line

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Technical Parameters Of PVC Edge Banding Extrusion Line

Technical parameters of your PVC edge banding extrusion line may vary depending on the manufacturer. However, some parameters are always common such as material, output, equipment, etc. Features for the FANLYPLAS PVC edge banding extrusion line are listed below :

Features Details
Extruder Model Available in FLD45/25, FLD50/25, FLD55/25, FLD65/25, and FLD75/25
Screw Design Single Screw Design
Product Width 17-50mm
Product Thickness 0.4-2mm
Material PVC Powder
Output Capacity 30-70kg/hr
Motor Power May vary depending on extruder model
Layer configuration Mono Layer
Output profile width May also vary depending on extruder model

Production Process of PVC Edge Banding Extrusion Line

PVC edge banding making machine produces the edge banding by following a few steps that are explained below :

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PVC Foam board Extrusion Line - FAQ Guide

When you are working with your PVC edge banding production line, you need to maintain your temperature.

It is because when you don’t maintain a proper temperature value, the material will be not melted or over plasticized, and you can’t get a qualified product.

According to PVC edge banding production line experts, you should process your PVC edge banding extruder barrel heating temperature range 160-175°。

Die temperature maintains at 175-185°and adjusted as per the material plastification.

Since you need to apply primer as well, you also need to maintain the suitable room temperature to maintain the primer good using condition.

Definitely FANLYPLAS can provide you solutions based on customized requirements

There is a proper method of customization for your edge banding extrusion line.

If you are a new project beginner, let me know your project output planning; which size do you want to make; which designs do you want to make; your country voltage; which quality standard need to follow; plant arrangement.

Our Fanlyplas will prepare a turn-key proposal for you.


If you are having the edge banding production and want to adding more machine.

Tell us your more detailed requirements and problems which you are facing now would be helpful for our Fanlyplas team to prepare a problems solving based solution for you and upgraded machine proposals for you.

They will further design and draw the machine based on your requirements.

You can also ask queries through their website to make sure that you get a perfectly customized edge banding production line.

You need to use primer adhesive while using your PVC edge banding extrusion line and then when applying them to your furniture.

During the production process, adhesives are coated on the backside of PVC edge band tape that are further processed for edge banding production in the machine. 

Secondly, Adhesives are used when you are applying the edge banding tape on your furniture. Adhesives are the most important thing to be used while applying your edge banding tape. .

You need to apply adhesives at a particular temperature to make sure that it works properly.

You should keep in mind the temperature at which your final product will be exposed.

The best example is that if you have to use the products in the kitchen, you need to apply adhesives that are highly heat resistant.

By printing you will get desired color.

By roll embossing you will get desired designs.

Owning a professional printing technician is very essential that he knows how to adjust the ink for printing process and get a proper surface embossing designs.

The role of the printing process in your PVC edge banding production line is to imprint creative designs and patterns on the edge banding product.

It gives a beautiful look to the edge banding and matches it with your furniture. You can also customize the printing on your edge banding by consulting with your supplier.

While processing your edge banding-making machine, different processing problems can occur.
Some of the main problems are listed below :
1. PVC edge banding products are not soft.
Increase the DOP quantities in the formula.
2. Primer coating sticked on the PVC edge banding surface.
Increase the distance between the haul off and winder
Add the dryer after primer coating process to let the primer fully dried.
3. Printing effect is not good
Checking the ink quality and printing temperature.
Make sure the ink is fully dried during printing process
4.If the hot adhesives are remaining on the processed surface, the grid structure of adhesives application can also be seen.
This can result in the removal of edge banding through your hand.
This problem can occur due to a very low temperature while you are processing the material.
The problem can be solved by increasing the room temperature.
You can solve this problem by warming up the banding material as well.
5. The second common problem that occurs is that the milling ripples are visible.
You can solve this problem by using up milling-mode and lower feed rate.
You can also solve this problem by increasing the rotational speed as well.
6. The colors are sometimes faded in the processed areas.
You can solve this problem by increasing the rotational speed.

The cost of starting your PVC edge banding production line project depends upon various factors such as ;

Mixer model and output.

Extruder model and output

Printing machine to process how many colors and equipped UV coating or not?

Winder equipped with auto cutting or not.

Manual packaging or Auto packaging.

The higher the quality of your edge banding extrusion line, the higher will be the cost.

You can consult the manufacturer to give you the best cost for starting your project in edge banding extrusion line.

When you are processing your material through a PVC edge banding production line, you will generate some wastage during machine start and stop. And wrong operation will also generate a lot of wastage material.

All the wastage can be recyclable by grinder and pulverizer.

The recycled powder will be used again to make PVC edge band tape by mixing with new formula.

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