PVC Siding/Soffit Panel Production Line

Features Of The Production Line

FANLYPLAS PVC Siding/Soffit Panel Production Line consists of twin-screw extruder, co-extruder, embossing machine, cooling machine, vacuum calibration table, punching machine, haul-off machine, cutting machine, stacker, etc. According to customer needs, we can provide turn-key project equipment and molds with speeds of 6-8m/min.

Our PVC Siding/Soffit Panel Production Line can quickly replace the embossing roller. The special design of the Die, the vacuum calibration table and the continuesly punching process experience can ensure the long service life and easy operation of the production line. The punching machine in the production line realizes the online punching of the hanging board, ensuring the economy. It can also be equipped with perforation machine, inkjet printer and other equipment according to customer requirements.

Characteristics and Applications of PVC Siding/Soffit Panel

PVC Siding/Soffit Panel has features of light weight, various designs, replacing of heavy louvers because of it’s light weight advantages for interios decor. It makes the building look simple, natural and beautiful. The exterior panel done by ASA coextrusion, exterior PVC film lamination can withstand all kinds of bad weather, and is anti-corrosive and flame-retardant, easy to install. Whether in the production process or in engineering practice, it does not pollute the environment and can be recycled. It is an ideal environmentally friendly decorative material. It will be the best alternative material for exterior wall paint and tiles. It is a wall panel used in houses, office buildings, and wall protection. Because its surface is covered with PVC ASA and PMMA, it can be used in hot, cold, dry or humid places, and withstand long-term ultraviolet radiation and stormy weather.

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