PVC/WPC Foam Board Extrusion Line

Features of PVC/WPC Foam Board Extrusion Line

1.PVC/WPC Foam Board Extrusion Line is also called PVC foam board production line, foam board making machine. Our PVC foam board making machine includes the special Twin-screw extruder, mould and other auxiliary machines. We use twin-screw extruder with compact structure, superior performance.

2.Besides the screw and barrel and die are designed by our company and made in world famous manufacturers. And use the high-performance alloy steel for professional processing. So the machine has the advantages of uniform plasticizing, stable extrusion, high output, and long life.

3.We can supply you the best material formulation and all of technology. We have several thousand kinds of formula through more than 10 years’ researches. PVC or WPC foam board production line with big output, stable extrusion, high foaming, good and wear-resisting surface and so on.

Application of PVC/WPC Foam Board

PVC Foam board provides a consistently smooth and bright surface. They are lightweight, durable and provide excellent chemical resistance. In addition, the boards possess excellent thermal properties, making PVC Foam board a versatile choice, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Application of PVC/WPC foam board:

1.Advertising: silk screen printing, advertisement carving, display boards, light boxes, etc.

2.Building decoration: indoor/outdoor decoration boards, commercial decoration boards, room partitions.

3.Furniture processing: indoor and office furniture, kitchen furniture and bathroom facilities.

4.Vehicle and vessel manufacturing: interior decoration of vehicles, vessels and airplanes.

5.Industrial manufacturing: anticorrosion and environmental protection engineering, thermally molded parts, cold storage engineering.

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