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FANLYPLAS is a leading provider of plastic film, sheet and profile extrusion line services in China, providing total solutions for plastic extrusion machinery and ancillary equipment.

About Foam Board Equipment

Our foam board production line can be used to produce PVC WPC free foam board, crust foam board, acrylic board. Can be customized according to customer requirements.


The machine is super efficient with the ability to produce about 700-800Kgs of foam board per hour. Other than that, the production line incorporates a stable extrusion process that makes it a perfect choice for manufacturing thin plates.

Equipment composition

The main components of the equipment

Independently developed by our seasoned engineers and dedicated design experts, the foam board production line guarantees uniform plasticizing, seamless operation, and unmatched performance. For longevity and added life, the structure of our PVC foam board production line is made from a high-performance steel alloy.

Parallel twin-screw extruder

The model features a parallel screw feeder that prevents any blockage that might be facilitated by PVC powder. 


The extruder features the T-type design with adjustable board thickness. It also has the T-die for color evenness during the processing period. 

Sizing and Cooling

Once the foaming product come out from Die lip, it will go to the calibration table immediately to finish the fast cooling by chilled water around 8-15°.

Haul-off device

The haul off device includes 8 or 10 rubber roller groups along with two side saws which are designed to cut thicker boards.

Cutting machine

The cutting machine comes with PLC control. It allows you to cut the length of the PVC foam according to your requirements.

Auto stacker

Considering the increasing high labour cost, we designed the manual stacking into auto stacker which can save at least two workers per shift.

Features of FANLYPLAS Equipment

A compact design means that the unit will take up a small area of your warehouse upon installation. The production line measures 25m by 3.5m. With such generous measurements, you will still have ample space for other production activities or even opt to bring in extra unit to expand your production.

Low Power Consumption

The whole production line runs at a lower motor consumption and stable current with higher output.

High Production Capacity

That will keep you ahead of your demand and ensure you meet your production goals.

Automated Operation

Unlike traditional production lines, our model comes with an automation feature. This allows you to start and stop the machine with one button.

Easy to Maintain

The machine design is quite simple with safety features that indicate when there is a problem.

Our Achievement


200+ shipments to 20 countries globally

Ever since we extended our operations to a global scale with the launch of our international business department in 2015, we have managed to partner with over 200 satisfied clients. This has enabled us to smoothly ship plastic extrusion equipment, production lines, and related services to over 20 countries across the world. This includes Russia, India, Brazil, East Africa, South Africa, and Indonesia, just to mention a few.

Customer satisfaction foam board production line

97% Customer Satisfaction

We take pride in the quality of our innovative solutions that have exceeded the expectations of many of our previous customers. It can be proven by a 97% customer satisfaction rate. As if that is not good enough, our company boasts 90% positive reviews from clients that have sourced our production lines and plastic extrusion machinery.

FANLYPLAS SPC Floor Extrusion Line

Multiple National Invention Patents

We have a very capable team of senior engineers, chemical experts, product designers and technicians. Courtesy of their unmatched corporative efforts and their solution-oriented mentality, we are now proud owners a number of national invention patents, utility model patents and new product projects at provincial level. Meanwhile, many key technologies are already in the domestic leading level.

Customers reviews

After importing PVC free foam sheet extrusion unit from FANLYPLAS, my output is far ahead of demand. I participated in the Factory Acceptance Test in China and I was very impressed with the quality equipment that FANLYPLAS provided us.
Ladislao Duarte
Ladislao Duarte
The previous production line kept breaking down, then I learned about FANLYPLAS and imported a production line. The entire production line can be started with one click. Also, the product comes out in precise measurement without any error and no product wastage.
Tonye Fagbure
Tonye Fagbure
purchasing manager
I visited China and collected samples from each production unit. I compared their results, initial and production costs, as well as after-sales service and the number of production units sold. After a thorough comparison, FANLYPLAS emerged as the best choice.
Kenny Weber
Kenny Weber
General manager


How can I contact you?

You can send us an email or call us according to the information on the website, or you can submit your request form.

What is your payment method?

We need you to provide a 30% prepayment for the equipment, and pay the rest after the equipment is accepted.

Can I buy without production experience?

We provide one-stop solutions from the construction of the plant, the analysis of the sales market, to the successful production of the final product.

How do I receive the equipment I ordered?

You can come to our factory for testing and acceptance, or you can accept it online through live video.

How is your after-sales service?

We have a fixed warranty period and long-term after-sales service. You can consult us with any questions about equipment production.

How do I receive the device?

We will provide you with the most suitable shipping solution for you, and transport the equipment to the nearest port to facilitate your transportation.

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FANLYPLAS equipment developers

We look forward to utilizing our sound business practices to collaborate with different entities and come up with innovations that will be game-changing to the plastic extrusion equipment industry.

Let our customers apply more energy to expanding the market size instead of finding suppliers of production equipment.

Zhang Peng

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