PVC WPC Door Frame Extrusion Line

PVC WPC Door Frame Extrusion Line

About PVC WPC Door Frame Extrusion Line

The machine line is designed for producing PVC WPC door and window frame products, equipped with large capacity cooling system to ensure the WPC products are well cooled and not deformed. Equipped with specially designed foaming screw and barrel, it can make WPC solid door frame of certain density.

Characteristics Of PVC WPC Door Frame

Production Process of PVC WPC Door Frame

The production of your PVC WPC door frame takes place in a few steps. These steps are:Wood chips milling into wood powders➜Wood powders drying➜Raw material feeding➜Raw material mixing➜PVC/WPC dry blend melting in extruder➜Forming and sizing of the door frame➜Cooling process➜Traction or pulling➜Cutting➜Stacking➜Surface treatment➜Packaging

1.First of all, you have to take the raw material such as additives, calcium, PVC resin, and wood powder. You have to add this raw material to the mixer. The mixer contains hot and cold pots. First, the material is melted in the hot part, and then it is cooled in the cold part.  This type of mixer is also known as high-speed mixer.


2.After the mixing process, now you have to use the extruder. You will have to feed the processed raw material to the extruder’s barrel. The raw material will start extruding through the help screws in the extruder’s barrel. The raw material will start softening inside the extruder as the temperature starts increasing slowly. The purpose of screws is to blending all the material evenly and get a melt which is ready to be shaped.
The extruder performs the following functions:
● Feeding
● Melting the raw material
● Plasticizing
● Conveying
● Mixing
● and lastly, devolatilization

PVC WPC Door Frame Extrusion Line

3.The next step is molding the product to create the door frames.
The door frames which are hollow in the middle section. It shall be passed to the vacuum calibration table for sizing and cooling purposes. The water tank will help you to cool it down.
The door frames which are solid foam and non-hollow. It will be passed the calibration table without using the vacuum for sizing and cooling purposes. The water tank will help you to cool it down.

PVC WPC Door Frame Extrusion Line

4.Now, the product has to be clamped through the haul-off machine. The stable motor rotation and good quality rubber pad clamping is very essential for making PVC WPC door frame.
Then, you have to process the product through the cutting machine. This machine has a fixed cutting length by the function of rotary encoder.
Lastly, the material is passed through the auto stacker.

PVC WPC Door Frame Extrusion Line

Equipment Composition of PVC WPC Door Frame Extrusion Line

The PVC WPC door frame extrusion line is composed of the following parts :

Plastic profile production line

How To Choose An Extruder

When we want to choose the correct size extruder, but we don’t know how to do, following tips are important:

PVC WPC Door Frame Extrusion Line

What FANLYPLAS Can Create?

FANLYPLAS is carefully designed according to the real needs of customers, doing its best to realize the needs of customers, to provide customers with energy-saving, economical and high-productivity solutions.From market research and technical communication to technical training and technical coaching, we communicate deeply with our customers to understand each other and thoroughly understand their usage requirements.

Integrated Scheme Consultant

We help customers to provide plant construction and renovation solutions, plant piping solutions, and circulating cooling pool construction solutions.

Technical & Service Supporter

Our company has a certain number of engineers in the plastics industry and can, if the situation permits Provide relevant talents to work in your company year-round as technical backing.

Formula & Additives Provider

Through your product requirements to help you provide the relevant raw material specific formulations, raw material suppliers, and raw material costing.

Machine Provider

We provide drawings of the production line and configuration of parameters according to your requirements, and make the optimal solution according to your budget.

PVC Foam board Extrusion Line - FAQ Guide

Spare parts can be sourced straight from the production line manufacturer. We provide a one year free repair guarantee on all our equipment. If your production machine malfunctions, you simply have to contact us and we will ship you another accessory. Apart from that, you can purchase a new part at any time and we will deliver it to you in the shortest time possible.

According to our special formula and the quality of our production line, our door frame products should last for not less than 50 years. The impressive durability of the output of our equipment is courtesy of great water resistance. If the door frames fail to absorb water then they will not be prone to mold and rot. Additionally, unlike wood WPC door frames are fireproof thanks to superior fire-resisting features. Finally, the frames are UV resistant, an aspect that makes them fade resistant and ensures that they can retain their aesthetic attributes for long.

WPC door frames are known for their numerous valuable features and broad applications. To begin with, they provide real wood imitation. They have a hard surface with excellent durability. Additionally, they feature excellent wood scent and actual wood grain texture, which makes them indistinguishable from actual wooden door models. Other than that, WPC door frames do not contain any harmful substances. Unlike the manufacture of plywood and chipboards doors that involves the use of glue, formaldehyde, and other toxics substances, these frames are totally toxin free. On the same note, the frames are super tough and are not susceptible to warping, splitting, and cracking unlike wood products. Contrary to natural wood that requires painting and other maintenance practices, these frames are easy to service.  With unbeatable mildew resistance and epic water-proof capabilities, you can expect your WPC door frames to serve you for a lifetime.

There are numerous means that can be used to deliver your finished production line to your preferred address. Owing to the bulky nature of the equipment, it might be difficult to transport it by air. The best solution is to utilize road transportation and water. There are numerous reputable shipping companies out there that you can bank on to deliver your order safely. 

You can source crucial raw materials for your production line form different supplier in China or even in your own country. Foaming additives, PVC resin, CaCO3, and other essential materials can be imported or you can still purchase them locally. It is always advisable to find a competitive market for the best prices.

We offer training to our clients on how to install and operate the production line. On top of that, the unit is shipped alongside guides, diagrams, and instruction manuals that you can refer to when installing the machine. If that is not possible, we will send over a technician to help install your WPC door frame extrusion line. The technicians will also train your staff if necessary.

The PVC WPC door frame extrusion line is not labor intensive. It features an advanced level of automation that limits the number of people needed to operate it. You will probably need about two people to run it at a given time. You need one to take care of the raw materials and the other one to handle the final product.

The average price of a solid WPC door frame machine is not constant but varies according to size and other individual requirements. Other variables include the cost of shipping, insurance, and transportation. The quotation could be different depending on the terms of agreement with the manufacturer. Let us break down some of our pricing models:

  • Cost, Insurance, and Freight: The pricing model involves charges for the production line as well as the cost of transporting the goods to the closest port not forgetting the cost of insurance. However, you will incur the cost of shipping and delivering the machine to your address.
  • Ex Woks (EXW): For this model, what you pay us only covers the cost of the production equipment. You will take care of the cost of shipping or transporting the production line from the supplier’s factory to your address.
  • Freight On Board & Free On Board (FOB): The quoted price will include the cost of the production line plus the cost of delivering it to the closest port usually in the manufacturer’s home country. Cost of insurance is not included in this model.

As soon as we have your order details, we process it and deliver within the shortest time possible. Generally, we have machines that are already made and some that are semi-ready. The ideal time of delivery is between 30 to 40 days depending on the size of the production line and level of sophistication.

Our production line bears numerous advantages that will help you increase you output and cut on production costs. The machine has a production capacity of 80-150kg/h which is excellent if you want to meet your customer demand in a timely fashion. Moreover, it is automated to reduce your labor requirements. In terms of power consumption, the production line is very economic, an attribute that will help you boost your profit margin. Additionally, it bears the right safety features to prevent injury. To top it off, the machine provides unrivaled durability thanks to an ingenious design, quality build, and top notch components. 

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FANLYPLAS is more than ready to help you design and create extrusion machines according to your personal requirements including machine color, product type, and power material and so on. With our rich experience in the industry, we are always at your disposal if your need a profession perspective or technical suggestions about your project.