PVC WPC Door Panel Production Line

Features Of The Production Line

1.This line applies FL serials of conical twin screw extruder with imported inverter, which provides wide adjusting range and precise temperature control.

2.The downstream equipment includes calibration table, hauler, cutterand stacker.

3.The calibration table is equipped with strong forced cooling system so that it can provide perfect calibrating effect.

4.The caterpillar hauler is equipped with precision gear motor and inverter, which possesses reasonable structure, strong and stable hauling force.

5.The cutter is equipped with PLC control system which helps to set lengthand provide accurate automatic cutting.

6.The stacker is covered with rubber grip blocks to prevent products from damage.

Production Line Application

The PVC/WPC door panel extrusion line is suitable for producing the both PVC and WPC door panel.We can provide the turnkey project for integrated door panel.The whole production line includes the PVC/WPC door panel extrusion line, PVC/WPC door panel extrutsion line and subsequent processing equipments.

Advantages of PVC WPC Doors:

1.PVC WPC doors don’t need any painting or varnishing job and can be cleaned very easily with a damp cloth and mild detergent. WPC doors need very minimal maintenance. WPC doors provide good insulation properties, thus helping to reduce energy consumption and maintain indoor temperature.

2.PVC WPC doors belongs to conform to the material, the formula contains such as stabilizing agent, foaming agent and so on formula, the formula has strict scientific ratio, so that the stability of the wood plastic door is high, second, wood plastic door with it will also last longer, durable, it looks like wood texture, and the hardness is harder than regular plastic, Stability and higher than real wood, and will not crack and other problems, very easy to use.

3.PVC WPC doors can achieve B1 fire performance, with strong fire resistance, good fire performance in the event of a fire will effectively protect our life and property safety.

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