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WPC/RESYSTA Decking Extrusion Line / PVC WPC Wood Plastic Composite Profile Extrusion Machine

FANLYPLAS WPC/RESYSTA lines, with direct extrusion, are equipped with material mixing and are based on plasticizing, mixing and extrusion with counter-rotating twin screw extruder as main unit.

Mixing machine: Mixing the material according to the formula, generally it can be minimum 70% wood powder.
Extrusion line: Making the WPC profile by extrusion and moulding, such as decking, wall panel, post, fence. you can make different products by changing mold.
Online embossing machine: Making beautiful design on the produce surface.
Sanding machine: Making the product surface with unglossy feeling.
Brushing machine: Making the product surface with rough wooden feeling.

Moreover, the extruded products are 100% recyclable.
Crusher and Pulverizer are used for recycling material to Mixer.

Technical Specification

1:SRLZ 300/600 mixer

2:Vacuum hopper loader/feeder

3:65/132 WPC decking extrusion line

3-1:FLZ65/132 Conical twin screw extruder

3-2:YFD240 Calibration table

3-3: Tempering furnace

Heating zone: 2 zones

Heating power: 12KW * 2

zones = 24KW

Heating rod: 12pcs * 2 zons = 24 pcs


This heating process can promote better integration of filler (wood powder and rice husk) and plastic resin, effectively eliminate the internal stress of the wood-plastic material, thereby improving the bending strength and tensile strength of the wood-plastic material, making it more durable during use. It will not shrink or deform when encountering temperature differences between day and night.

3-4: YFQ240 Haul off unit

3-5: Online punching machine

The machine mainly consists of punching mould platform, punching mould and control system unit. The machine is placed between the calibration table and haul off, measured by the encoder, and the cylinder drives the moving mould up and down to push out the hole.

3-6: YFQ240 Cutting unit

3-7:YFF240 Tilt table

4:Profile Mould

The mould is the main processing tool for manufacturing WPC/Resysta profile. The quality of mould directly affects the quality of processing technology, the precision output of products and production cost. Besides rational structure design and machining accuracy, the quality and service life of moulds are mainly affected by mould materials and heat treatment.

– Processing Material: WPC (Wood Plastic Composite)/RESYSTA material
– Mould Material : 3Cr17 Nimo or Germiny Din 1.2316
– Mould Component: Die Head + Calibrator + Water Tank + Heating Zones
– Surface Treatment: Mirror Polished + Chrome Plated

– High extrusion speed
– Easy to use and replace
– Long-term
– Can be repaired
– Mould Material has been specially treated. Which is to extend the service life.
– Mould head is designed with inside and outside double circulating water cooling system to shape the profile quickly.

5.Specification for WIDE BLET SANDER

6.Specification for PSL-450 Crusher

7.Specification for YSMF600 grinding machine

FANLYPLAS is dedicated to providing solutions to produce WPC/RESYSTA profile.

WPC/RESYSTA. WPC/RESYSTA is obtained PVC with natural fibers (such as wood flours coming from rice husk, sugar cane, hemp,…) and some additives.

The finished product has a wood like appearance and its main applications are in construction, building exteriors and interiors field (decking, fencing, skirting, panels, wall and ceiling, cladding, door applications).

Compared to wood, WPC/RESYSTA needs a low maintenance, has a good ageing and heat resistance, weather resistant, fungi free and flame retardant.

The WPC/RESYSTA market demand is growing worldwide, especially in that countries where the government wants to adopt an Environment Friendly attitude: in fact the WPC polymeric mixture can consist of material coming from industrial scraps or post-consumer waste.

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