lVT Flooring Production Line

Parameters :





Product thickness


Product width




Line speed

6-10 m/min

Description :

The traditional LVT floor has complex production process, high energy consumption, long labor time, and is not conducive to environmental protection. Our company has developed a new high-efficiency extrusion line based on the latest vinyl floor extrusion technology, which can realize extrusion of base layer and online laminated with color film and wear layer, all is processed in one time. It has high output, simple manufacturing process and high automation.

The followings are the advantages of the LVT floors produced with the LVT flooring production line by FANLYPLAS Extruder.
1. Lightweight
2. Good resiliency
3. High level of comfort
4. Waterproof
5. Good durability
6. Easy to install
7. Easy to maintain
8. Easy to clean

Equipment list

  1. Extruder
  2. T-die
  3. Five Roller Calendar
  4. Roller temperature controller
  5. Lamination device
  6. Cooling
  7. Trimming
  8. Haul off
  9. Cutting
  10. Stacker

Features of the device

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