How to choose PVC Edge Banding production line Manufacturers from China?

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In the current competitive world market, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. Profitability is now more important to investors than other business characteristics. As a result, in the market industry, machinery investment has become a critical part of the manufacturing process. Pvc Edge Banding is an essential part of the home and office decoration. Being a newly industrialized country, there are increasing numbers of manufacturers in China. This is why it is very difficult to choose the right manufacturer or a supplier.  

Choosing a PVC edge banding production line supplier is never easy. The whole thing is terrifying. You’ll feel like you’re in perpetual turmoil as you search and search but come up empty-handed! Therefore, prior to discussing the matter in detail, we need to gather some knowledge about Pvc Edge Banding, types of PVC edge banding, the purpose of use, PVC edge banding machine manufacturers etc. In the conclusion, we will see how we can choose PVC Edge Banging production line manufacturers from China.

What is PVC and PVC Edge Banding?

  • PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride): is the raw material used for edge banding. It is a high quality, impact-resistant, thermally-resilient material.
  • PVC Edge Banding: The exposed and raw edges of the plywood are sealed using edge banding, a thin material. On one side, the heat-sensitive adhesive is put to the board, while the other side acts as a dirt and moisture barrier.
  • When employing Pressure Laminated and Melamine Cabinets, PVC edge banding is the most preferred option. Cabinets with glossy or colorful finishes are becoming more frequent as modern European cabinetry becomes more popular. Edge banding composed of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a flexible and durable thermoplastic resin. Colors, textures, and wood grains are created by combining pigments and other materials to generate seemingly unlimited edge banding colors, textures, and wood grains.
  • Edge banding has varieties of thicknesses.

What are the different types of Edge Banding?

  • 1.Veneer edge banding: Wood veneer is another popular edge banding material.
  • A veneer is a term that refers to “thin slices of wood.” Finger-joint individual pieces of veneer into a continuous master roll to create wood veneer edge banding.
  • Walnut, mahogany, maple, ash, and oak are common, but there are many others, including natural and tinted veneers!
  • The elegance, durability, and strength of wood veneer are just a few of the many benefits of using it on your furniture.
  • It has a clean solid-wood appearance and is pre-sanded to absorb staining and finishes easily.
  • Wood veneer products, on the other hand, are not heat resistant. It should not be kept close to a heat source. It does not work well in harsh conditions.

  • 2.PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride): The most common edge banding material is PVC.
  • It is the most commonly used in the fabrication of edge bands for the furniture industry due to its excellent processing qualities.
  • PVC edge banding is especially popular for modular furniture since it is extremely durable, easy to repair, and has a long lifespan.
  • It does not necessitate any type of finishing. It’s also straightforward to fix, though it takes some time.
  • PVCs, on the other hand, cannot be recycled. Anything’s impossible to refinish it once it’s tarnished.
  • When it comes to PVC, 3mm edging is frequently preferred because it is cleaner, faster, and adheres better.
  • You also get a lovely soft-looking finish and a graceful radius as an added bonus.
  • We strive to avoid 5mm edging as much as possible because the edges have a tendency to be harsh.

  • 3.PP (Polypropylene): PP edge banding is made of polypropylene. Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer that is available in a variety of forms.
  • PP edge banding is the most environmentally friendly, flexible, and heat resistant of the plastic edge banding alternatives. When compared to plastic furniture covers, polypropylene can withstand a lot of abuse.
  • For narrow radius applications and situations where furniture is exposed to high temperatures and heat, PP edge banding is an ideal choice.
  • PP is a semi-crystalline plastic used extensively in the packaging industry.
  • It is suited for small radius applications, is chlorine-free, and is frequently used in the furniture industry as an alternative to traditional PVC and ABS materials.

  • 4.ABS: ABS is a high-quality thermoplastic that can withstand knocks and scratches, making it perfect for high-traffic furniture.
  • It can withstand water, is extremely heat resistant, and is unaffected by most home cleaners, making it suitable for family kitchens.
  • It’s also ideal for use in offices, restrooms, all interior furnishings, store fitting, coffin construction, and even exhibition exhibits.
  • It can be used on kitchen cabinets near hot ovens or burners without causing damage or distortion because of its exceptional heat resistance.
  • ABS is a versatile edging material that may be used in practically any application.
  • This material may be molded to fit your design style, whether it’s straight edge boards, curves, or unique shapes. On-edge banding devices are similarly simple to use.

  • 5. Laser Edge Banding or Zero- Joint Edge Banding:  In zero-joint edge banding, a pre-applied, co-extruded polymer functional layer adheres to the board without the use of glue.
  • When activated by a laser, hot air, or NIR edge bander, the functional layer melts and fuses the edge band to the board.
  • Zero-joint applications, unlike glue adhesive procedures, only require the connection of two items: the edge band and the board.
  • Despite its apparent simplicity, zero-joint edge banding is a clever adhesion technique with numerous benefits.
  • Zero-joint edge banding makes the wood and the edge band appear to be one solid surface, enhancing the polished appearance of well-designed interior spaces. Zero-joint edge banding gives the board a monolithic appearance.

Why Edge Banding is used?

  • Edge banding is a thin covering that covers the plywood’s exposed and raw edges.
  • Heat-sensitive glue is applied to one side of the board, while the other functions as a dust and moisture barrier.
  • Edge banding is a technique for wrapping plywood sides to match the final appearance of a cabinet while also preventing warping of the internal plywood.
  • For both practical and aesthetic purposes, edge banding is used.
  • Your furniture’s edge bands serve a crucial role.
  • For starters, it acts as a de facto seal on the edge of the core material, keeping moisture out. Second, edge banding promotes durability and robustness by providing impact resistance.
  • Solid wood edging can also aid to increase the furniture’s overall strength.
  • Edge banding hides unsightly rough edges and adds a lustrous sheen to your tops and sides. Acute angles can also be softened by using radial edges.

Why Pvc Edge Banding?

When employing Pressure Laminated and Melamine Cabinets, PVC edge banding is the most preferred option. Cabinets with glossy or colorful finishes are becoming more frequent as modern European cabinetry becomes more popular. Edge banding composed of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a flexible and durable thermoplastic resin.

Edge Banding Machine:

  • 1.Manual
  • The manual edge banding machine can do precise and convenient curve and straight edge banding conversions.
  • The belt can be immediately cut off using a travel switch.
  • Edge banding materials include PVC, veneer, melamine, plastic, and others.
  • 2.Automatic
  • Has many operations such as adhesive coating, cutting, finishing, flat scraping, and polishing; It has a fully enclosed safety shield to ensure operator safety.
  • It can assure maximum finishing quality of the machine by using intense units with high-speed motors; • It is simple to operate and maintain without specific training.

Who are the manufacturers and suppliers of PVC Edge Banding production line in China?

We would like to recommend the most suitable production line manufacturer from China to help customers acquire the right machine and avoid making a bad choice. With 525 items, there are 175 pvc edge banding production line manufacturers and suppliers to choose from. Some of the manufacturer’s names are mentioned below:

  • Fanlyplas (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  • Qingdao Weier Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Qingdao Hanhai Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Kunshan Bonzer Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Zhangjiagang Camel Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Suzhou Midtech Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Wuxi JKS Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • Yurefon Machinery(Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd.
  • Suzhou Winsoar Science & Technology Development Co.,

How to select a manufacturer/supplier prior to purchasing the machine?

Based on a Practical experience between a buyer and high-level Sales Executive, the suggestion has been created for making a buying decision.

1.Compare more detailed Information about the product:

Gather as much as information possible About your desired product and compare them with others. More information about the product you have, more reliable decision you can make.

2.Spend little more to buy better Machine:

In order to get a better product you may need to spend little bit more money. Do not hesitate to little bit more to avoid the after-purchase hassle.

3.Check accessories:

If the supplier can precisely offer the brand, where it came from, and the details of the accessory, the company has a good handle on quality control. You’ll be able to tell if they’ve worked in this business before. On the other hand, if the seller can only supply a few images, it appears to be beautiful on the surface. There could be hidden risks beneath the surface, or if you requested for further information and they took a long time to respond, you can assume they didn’t make it themselves.

4.Have a look at the machine accuracy:

Our machines have a unique humanized aerodynamic design with easy-to-operate, precise, and sturdy features, as well as a 0-3mm thickness that allows for any setting. The disadvantages of mechanical hand adjustment on the market are avoided, and the inaccuracy caused by wear and the gap of the screw is overcome, thanks to the fixed pneumatic positioning design. Hand-adjusted is also inconvenient to use. Ordinary folks may get started without any training because to the aerodynamic humanized design and simple and easy-to-handle features! You’ll learn about it via video, which is a crucial aspect of determining machine quality.

5.Test the edge sealing effect:

Perfectly rounded corners, imperceptible glue lines, a clean surface, and flat edges characterize this symmetrical edge band.

6.Inspect the company’s strength:

You should know how long the company has been in business, how long it has been in the woodworking machinery industry, and whether it has enough experience in the industry to ensure that all of the accessories are of high quality and stability, as well as inquire about the company’s situation from the perspective of other businesses. However, because peer defamation will occur, their ideas can only be referred to and must be backed up by evidence. We must be wary if the sales staff can present real-life examples, but if it is merely unfounded criticism, we can learn about the peer’s character from the side. You can also learn from the company’s other customers. Learn about the company’s level of service and quality.

7.Measure the pricing standards:

If a machine’s pricing is at or below the industry average, don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re getting a good deal. The law of the growth of things does not allow for such a circumstance. Only deception is possible in the end result. If the company offers multiple price ranges for machines that are not configured, the configuration list provided by the salesman might be used to examine the situation. In general, the more information they reveal about the company’s honesty, the more credible they are. Of course, some salesman may brag about their products to the point where they supply higher configuration machines but lower pricing than other firm machines, as evidenced by the quotation. If the machine is in good working order, please keep in mind that before shipping, you must find a professional to check the details against the details provided before making the final payment, or you can have the salesman take the video details of the machine for you in the factory and pay the final payment afterward. Otherwise, many machines may have an impact on you. The final defeat was significant.

Why choose us?

If you choose to buy PVC edge banding production line from China, you should learn about some common problems and ways to avoid them. With a little bit of effort you can save time, money, and frustration.

FANLYPLAS ensures you have the best goods and service as one of the leading PVC edge banding production line manufacturers in China. We have been doing our best to provide clients with high-quality PVC edge banding production line manufacturers since 2015. Within a very short time, we have earned envy some reputation in the global market place. 

In Our Company’s main products categories you can find

PVC edge banding production line by clicking here

We provide a one-stop shop for the production of machinery and equipment, backed by machinery experts and over 20 years of research in the plastics extrusion business. From the original design of the equipment through after-sales service, each service is specifically built to provide quality feedback at every stage of the FANLYPLAS setup, providing you with thoughtful assistance.

Our best turnkey services

1.Commissioning and installation

The equipment will be arranged according to the floor plan provided by us once it arrives at the customer’s workshop. We will hire competent personnel to install, troubleshoot, and test the equipment, ensuring that it reaches the rated capacity of the line.

2.Customer Technical Training

FANLYPLAS offers customer technical training. The training includes the equipment’s construction and maintenance, as well as its control and operation. The training course will be developed and instructed by experienced technicians. The buyer’s technicians are skilled in operation and maintenance and are capable of adjusting the process and dealing with various malfunctions.

3.Assurance of Quality

We guarantee that all of our products are brand new and unopened. They are built of appropriate materials and have innovative designs. The contract criteria are met in terms of quality, specifications, and functionalities. We guarantee that without any aseptic additives, the products in this line can be preserved for a year.

4.Service after the sale

We offer technical assistance as well as after-sales service. We provide wear parts and other spare parts at a reasonable cost; the buyer’s technicians should operate and maintain the equipment in accordance with the seller’s specifications, debug some errors, and we will guide you by phone or send technicians to your factory to resolve the issues.

5.Transportation that is secure

We’ve shipped to almost every country on the planet and can assist you get your cargo to the port safely.

6.Production Troubleshooting

We come to your home to install the equipment, troubleshoot it, assist you in training your personnel, and give year-round technical support.

All of these facts lead us to the conclusion that China’s PVC edge banding production line manufacturers have been producing a product that has essentially become a perfect alternative for those who are looking for dependable and value products to make and market.

And you can choose us as a reliable source to serve your needs

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