Multi-layers Co-extrusion PPM-PP Luggage Plate Extrusion Line

The design of this production line is unique (has beendeclared national invention patent), professional characteristics, combined with advanced and mature processing technology and formula technology (also have been declared national invention patent). It can ensure the composite modified PP sheet to meet the requirements and quality of plastic-absorbing forming and performance requirements of trolley suitcase with light weight and low cost.

Main technical parameters

Specification&parameters of extruder:

Extruder 1:

120x35 132KW

Extruder 2:

90 x 35 75KW

Extruder 3:

65 x 35  37/45KW

Plate specification:

Thickness: 0.8-5mm Width: 900mm or
optional width (can be adjusted on line at any time)



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