PVC Foam Board Production Line

PVC Foam Board Production Line

About PVC Foam Board Production Line

The machine is super efficient with the ability to produce about 700-800Kgs of foam board per hour. Other than that, the production line incorporates a stable extrusion process that makes it a perfect choice for manufacturing thin plates.

Independently developed by our seasoned engineers and dedicated design experts, the foam board production line guarantees uniform plasticizing, seamless operation, and unmatched performance. For longevity and added life, the structure of our PVC foam board production line is made from a high-performance steel alloy.

Equipment Components Of Pvc Foam Board Extrusion Line

1.Parallel twin-screw extruder

The model features a parallel screw feeder that prevents any blockage that might be facilitated by PVC powder. In the same fashion, the extruder has the 38CrMoA1A screw and barrel. It also incorporates electric parts from notable manufacturers like ABB, Omron, AUTONICS, NSK, SKF, Schneider and Siemens.


Apart from that, the model has a twin screw feeder, which makes it easy to feed raw materials effortlessly into the screw and barrel. There is also a screw loader that feeds material into the machine while a limit switch ensures continuous flow of material.

PVC Foam Board Production Line


The extruder features the T-type design with adjustable board thickness. It also has the T-die for color evenness during the processing period. Moreover, the calibrators ensures that the finished PVC foam board is shaped to precise and even thickness.

PVC Foam Board Extrusion Line Mold

3.Sizing and Cooling

Once the foaming product come out from Die lip, it will go to the calibration table immediately to finish the fast cooling by chilled water around 8-15°. Additionally, there is a thick stainless steel spraying tank to help the product get second stage cooling. Lastly, it will pass the colling rollers for natural air cooling.

PVC Foam Board Extrusion Line Sizing and Cooling

4.Haul-off device

It is driven by a 5.5 KW*2sets reducer motor that guarantees haul off stability. The haul off device includes 8 or 10 rubber roller groups along with two side saws which are designed to cut thicker boards.

PVC foam board extrusion line Haul off device

5.Cutting machine

Dust free cutting machine for PVC foam board is our exclusive advantage. Our machine are using servo drive to maintain the cutting length tolerance very less and board diagonal same.

The cutting machine comes with PLC control. It allows you to cut the length of the PVC foam according to your requirements.

PVC Foam Board Production Line

6.Auto stacker

Considering the increasing high labour cost, we designed the manual stacking into auto stacker which can save at least two workers per shift.

PVC Foam Board Production Line

How The Pvc Foam Board Extrusion Line Works

The PVC foam board production line uses polyvinyl chloride as the key raw material. It then processes the raw material with lubricants, stabilizer, foaming agents, plasticizer and foaming regulator through the Die molding process to produce PVC foam boards. The whole process begins by feeding PVC dry blend into the extruder continuously via the screw loader. After that, the screw component in the Conical/parallel twin-screw extruder moves the raw materials through the barrel. In the course of this process, sufficient heat is produced to melt the PVC compounds. As the melted PVC proceeds along the barrel, external heaters aid in maintaining constant temperature within the chamber. While the PVC, now in molten form, leaves the barrel, it is forced through the die. Thereafter, the die then shapes the molten PVC into desired board form. Eventually, molded PVC foam board moves to the cooling section where it sets and hardens. The cutting machine trims the boards to uniform measurement for the final product. Of course, the whole production process is spectacular with seamless electrical operation. Final products from our machine are wear-resistant with a high-foaming rate as well as high surface hardness. 

Drawing of PVC foam board production line

Advantages Of Fanlyplas Pvc Foam Board Production Line

Low Power Consumption

The whole production line runs at a lower motor consumption and stable current with higher output. With the model running continuously, you can expect to save a lot on power consumption and still maximize your profits. It has infrared nano heating, which makes it very energy efficient as well.

Screw life of more than 360 days

Because of all the vibration and occasional wear and tear, you would expect most production lines to come apart pretty fast. However, our PVC foam board production line is designed to stand the test of time. It comes with a screw life of more than 360 days thus massively cutting down on maintenance cost.

Incorporates Proper Safety Features

Our company adheres to the highest safety standards to ensure that potential users are not exposed to any machine related harm. The unit is engineered with all the electrical safety measures as well as guard rails on the sides to prevent any incidents.

High Production Capacity

Our PVC foam board production line is a super fast machine with high precision and capable of churning out between 700-800Kgs of product per hour. That will keep you ahead of your demand and ensure you meet your production goals.

Automated Operation

Unlike traditional production lines, our model comes with an automation feature. This allows you to start and stop the machine with one button. Other than saving on time, this attribute also helps you to cut on your labor force, which in turn lowers your operational costs.

Easy to Operate

Once the machine is installed, you can run it with a single button. Quality construction mitigates the need for constant repair while its compact size takes minimal space in your warehouse allowing more room for other operations. It also has a user-friendly Siemens HMI. On top of that, the production line comes with a clear user manual in case things get mixed up.

Easy to Maintain

The machine design is quite simple with safety features that indicate when there is a problem. All these additional facets make it easy to troubleshoot or keep the production line in working order.

Compact Design

A compact design means that the unit will take up a small area of your warehouse upon installation. The production line measures 25m by 3.5m. With such generous measurements, you will still have ample space for other production activities or even opt to bring in extra unit to expand your production.

Solid Output Quality

The color on the PVC foam boards does not come off while the resultant material is sturdy other than being light weight and waterproof. Still, the cutting machine installed on the unit is so great and precise. It guarantees high speed cutting and uniform length of PVC boards. Moreover, the product comes out in the exact measurement without any error. Hence, there is no wastage of product.

Features Of Pvc Foam Board

PVC foam is a long lasting close cell material that is easy to manipulate and transform into robust structures. On top of that, it is easy to saw, drill, bind and work with generally. That makes it ideal to incorporate in different applications. All the PVC foam boards produced by our production line are exceptional and can be substituted for composite plate, aluminum, or wood because of the following features:

Technical Aspects Of PVC Foam Board

With many years developing in PVC foam technology, FANLYPLAS succeed to reach screw design, T-die flow and temperature control matching perfectly to get lower density with smooth surface or matte surface, evenly thickness and buttble-free foaming.Last but not least, machine can run for long time without burning.Below are some general technical parameters.

AttributesNumerical valueAttributesNumerical value
Product thicknessδ = 1-40mmProduct widthL =900mm—1830mm
Density (g/cm3)0.35-0.8Shore hardness (D)38-60
Tensile strength (Mpa*)>11Elongation at break (%)>15
Vicat Softening temperature>70Dimension stability±2.0
Water absorption (%)<1Flexural strength (Mpa) >11
 Screw holding strength (N)>800No lead(Ppm)<200
Choppy impact strength (KJ/M2)> 10 or failureYield(Kg/ H)250-400

What FANLYPLAS Can Create?

FANLYPLAS is carefully designed according to the real needs of customers, doing its best to realize the needs of customers, to provide customers with energy-saving, economical and high-productivity solutions.From market research and technical communication to technical training and technical coaching, we communicate deeply with our customers to understand each other and thoroughly understand their usage requirements.

Integrated Scheme Consultant

We help customers to provide plant construction and renovation solutions, plant piping solutions, and circulating cooling pool construction solutions.

Technical & Service Supporter

Our company has a certain number of engineers in the plastics industry and can, if the situation permits Provide relevant talents to work in your company year-round as technical backing.

Formula & Additives Provider

Through your product requirements to help you provide the relevant raw material specific formulations, raw material suppliers, and raw material costing.

Machine Provider

We provide drawings of the production line and configuration of parameters according to your requirements, and make the optimal solution according to your budget.

PVC Foam board Extrusion Line - FAQ Guide

PVC WPC foam board is mainly made by PVC resin, calcium carbonate, wood powder(optional) and additives. It is toxin-free, containing no formaldehyde, no lead (Ca.Zn formula system) and so forth, making it a healthier and safe alternative to plywood, chipboard, MDF board.

PVC Foam board provides a consistently smooth and bright surface. They are lightweight, durable and provide excellent chemical resistance. In addition, the boards possess excellent thermal properties, making PVC Foam board a versatile choice, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use(after special treatment).

1. Strong and Durable
2. Waterproof
3. Anti-corrosion material
4. Nontoxic elements
5. Inflammable
6. Cost-effective
7. Environmental friendly
8. `100% recyclable
1. Costly for high end products
2. Chemical property unstable if wrong operation
3. Bending problems easy happend
4. Outdoor use limitation
5. Prone to scratches as well as damages that couldn’t be covered.

The difference between both products can be figured out on the basis of different factors. You have to keep in mind various things while clearing the difference between the two. Some factors creating a major difference between them, are listed below:

  1. The first and foremost difference occurs on the basis of durability and longevity.

You must be aware of the fact that the PVC foam board and plywood, both are used extensively in the kitchen cabinet. However, most people prefer PVC foam board because plywood can split during hot temperatures.

  1. Both products are composed of different materials.
  2. PVC foam board is recyclable and has a competitive cost as compared to plywood.
  3. PVC foam is the board has higher flexibility as compared to plywood.

In the production of PVC foam boards, the machine has to go through a few major steps.

First of all, the PVC foam board extrusion line processes the raw material according to the desired and required proportions.

The raw material is melted with the help of high-quality plasticizers.

Once the raw material is melted, It is received by a T-shaped die. It is to make sure that the melted plastic is expelled with high pressure.

The next step is that it goes directly into the Die.

After foam creation, it is allowed to cool down.

Finally, trimming and cutting of PVC foam board takes place.

PVC resin (K-57)                         

Caco3 powder                      

PVC recycled                                  

Stabilizer (CaZn)        

PE wax                         

OPE wax                           

AC (yellow blowing agent)                  

NC (white blowing agent)                   

Internal lubricant                    

Foaming regulator                           

Whitening agent                           


When choosing the right PVC foam board production line, you should always look for following factors that make a perfect machine.

First of all, you should always buy your PVC foam board production line from a high-quality and trusted manufacturer.

A trusted and reliable manufacturer will always give you the perfect product.

You should check if the technical parameters of your PVC foam board production line are matching your standards or not.

You should make sure that the specifications of your PVC foam board production line can give you your desired output.

Lastly, you should tell your requirements to the manufacturer so that he will help you out choosing the best machine.

Choosing the right PVC foam board-making machine depends upon factors such as quality, manufacturers, suppliers, prices, experience, technical support, after-sales service and much more.

  • FANLYPLAS is a professional and leading company to manufacture your best quality PVC foam board -making machine from the following parts:
  • Their Screw designs with pineapple head that makes the material can be melted evenly and extruded out in a stable speed and be prepared for foaming.
  • Their Reasonable T-die flow running will make the melt to be foamed suddenly once it come out from T-die.
  • FANLYPLAS produces easy-to-use equipment with high quality through its professional and experienced staff.
  • They have highly professors who manufacture high-quality PVC foam board-making machines.
  • FANLYPLAS has never end after-sales services for its customers.
  • They give services of production debugging as well.

Maintaining your PVC foam board production line may seem a quite difficult task.

However, after choosing FANLYPLAS, you can maintain it easily by following a few simple and easy-to-follow steps.

You should also try to consult with the supplier or manufacturer of your PVC foam board-making machine. A manufacturer or supplier is an expert at advising about maintenance tips regarding your PVC foam board-making machine.

  • Keep it in a clean environment.
  • Check its functioning before processing the final product.
  • Read the user manual before using it especially if you are a beginner.
  • Do the maintenance work as per the Operation Manual.
  • Contact them if any problems happening during machine used.

Your PVC foam board production line also requires regular maintenance like any other machinery in this world.

If you do not maintain it properly, it can cause a lot of problems with the quality of PVC foam board.

Some problems that can occur with your PVC foam board extrusion line, are listed below :

  • It can cause impurities on the surface.
  • It can also cause a yellowish surface.
  • It can create large foam cells.
  • It may also cause the wrong density production of your PVC foam board.
  • It can create a sheet with uneven density.
  • Breaking bubble or bubble hole on the surface of foam board.
  • PVC foam board bending
  • Uneven thickness of PVC foam board
  • Changes in the thickness and texture of the sheet that are prone to occur when the shift is handed over
  • There are bubbles or bubbles in the cross section

There may come situations when you will not be able to produce desired output through your PVC foam board extrusion line.

You may face situations in which your equipment is not processing the product or producing the wrong sized and designed products.

Such a situation can be tackled easily if you are an expert.

First of all, you should check if anything is stuck into your machine that’s creating the problem.

Secondly, you should check the FANLYPLAS user manual that came along with your equipment.

The last option is that you should contact the FANLYPLAS team through email or website.

Get Extrusion Solutions Or Service Today

FANLYPLAS is more than ready to help you design and create extrusion machines according to your personal requirements including machine color, product type, and power material and so on. With our rich experience in the industry, we are always at your disposal if your need a profession perspective or technical suggestions about your project.