SPC Flooring Extrusion Line Questions and Answers

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SPC Extruder part

1.     How to choose correct extruder size to produce SPC flooring?

Extruder model:

ModelMotor PowerDesigned output
Running output

2. Screw barrel life with various Calcium carbonate dosing quantity.

The running life of the screw is determined by the Calcium Carbonate dosing quantity in th formula.

Calcium content<100phr100-200phr200-300phr>300phr
Service life (month)12-24126-83

3. How to choose the correct coextruder if I want to do SPC coextrusion base layer?

  • SPC base layer thickness: 4mm.
  • Sheet structure: ABA three layers.
  • A layer thickness:1mm.
  • B layer thickness: 2mm.
  • Choose 92+92 co-extrusion.

  • SPC base layer thickness: 4mm.
  • Sheet structure: ABA three layers.
  • A layer thickness:0.5-0.7mm.
  • B layer thickness: 2.6-3mm.
  • Choose 80+92 co-extrusion.

4. How to avoid screw breakage during production

  • If the temperature is too low, the current of the main engine is too large, the plasticization is not good, and the screw is easy to break.
  • The screw is broken, you need to dismantle the screw and clean up the rest.
  • The extruder has protective devices.

5.What happens if the T-Die temperature is too high or too low

  • If the temperature is too low, the material will be stuck, where the temperature is low, there will be little or no material output, and where the temperature is high, there will be more material output.
  • If the T-Die temperature is too high, it is easy to paste, and the discharge is unstable, and the material from the T-Die mouth is not easy to discharge, which will eventually cause blockage.
  • The temperature on both sides of the T-Die needs to be a little higher than the middle.

6.What is the reason why the sheet suddenly broken during the production process?

  • If the plasticization is not good, the board will break.
  • There will be impurities in the material, too much calcium powder will break.
  • If the speed is too fast, the output will be uneven.
  • See if the current is too high and if the feeding is too much.
  • When starting up, check the head pressure and the fluidity of the material.

SPC Extrusion Calendaring part

1. The pattern depth of the plate after passing through the calender is different

It is caused by uneven temperature on both sides of the roller, and it should be fully preheated before production.

2. What is the effect on the sheet if the roller temperature is too high or too low

High temperature will heat the film on the board and deform it. 210°C is the limit.Low temperature will cause the film to be weak and the peel strength cannot be reached.

3. The pattern is still uneven at normal temperature

The pattern will be deep and shallow for a while, because the temperature of the roller is uneven, it is necessary to check whether the oil temperature machine is working normally The pattern on the patterned roll surface is worn or damaged and needs to be repaired.

4. The reasons of burning problems during extrusion production.

  • The temperature setting is too high
  • Less formulation stabilizer
  • Internal and external lubrication is not well matched

5.Causes of uneven appearance and obvious color difference of extruded products

  • The screw rods are worn out
  • The T-Die is not adjusted properly, and the mixture with pigment is uneven

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