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Different types of screw service life

The service life of the screw is determined by the Calcium Carbonate dosing quantity in th formula. Calcium content <100phr 100-200phr 200-300phr >300phr Service life (month) 12-24 12 6-8 3 General model and output of extruder: Type Motor Power Design output (t/24hrs) Actual output (t/24hrs) 45/90 15KW 1.6 1.4 51/105

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SPC Flooring Extrusion Line Questions and Answers

SPC Extruder part 1.     How to choose correct extruder size to produce SPC flooring? Extruder model: Model Motor Power Designed output(t/24hrs) Running output(t/hrs) SZ80/156 55/75KW 9.6 8 SZ92/188 110KW 18 15 SZ110/220 200KW 32 25 SZ115/220 220KW 35 30 SZ132 280KW 35 48 SZ92&92 110KW&110KW 20 16 SZ92&80 110KW&75KW 20

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How To Set Up A PVC Foam Board Production Line Business

Introduction Do you want to get into the PVC foam board extrusion line business? PVC foam boards are in high demand nowadays. They offer incredible structural strength, superb weather resistance, and unmatched durability. These epic properties make them ideal for use in different areas such as the medical, construction, marine,

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How To Purge The PVC WPC Door Frame Extrusion Line

Introduction Purging involves the use of one material to get rid of another contaminative material from the surface of the PVC WPC door frame extrusion line. Likewise, purging encompasses cleaning the extrusion machine without the need to disassemble any of its components. The main goal of the process is to

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Factors Affecting PVC Foam Board Production

Introduction PVC foam boards are becoming a sort-after option as a substitute for other materials such as wood, plywood, and aluminum in various kinds of applications. This has led to an increased demand for the PVC foam board production line. The after products have varied uses ranging from; directional signage,

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