SPC Floor Extrusion Line

SPC Floor Extrusion Line

About SPC Flooring

Basically, the SPC floor is the new type of environmental protection floor that is created through high technology. It is also known as a rigid vinyl plank.The raw materials used in rigid vinyl plank, are PVC resin powder and natural stone powder. During the process, firstly a baseboard is extruded, then a color film and wear-resistant layer are filmed to the baseboard.

Configuration  Of SPC Floor Extrusion Line

The flooring extrusion process goes through a few pieces of unit of extrusion line to get the final output slab. All those equipment involved in the SPC flooring extrusion machine process are listed below:

General Parameters Of The SPC Floor Extrusion Line

SPC floor production line picture

Application And Characteristics Of SPC Floor

Basically, the SPC floor is the new type of environmental protection floor that is created through high technology. It is also known as a rigid vinyl plank.SPC floor is becoming more and more popular which contributes the convenience to the DIY home and various designs.The main reason behind its popularity is that it solves the problems of damp deformation as well as mildew of solid wood flooring.The main applications of your SPC flooring also involve the solution to the formaldehyde problem that occurs in other decoration materials.

Application of SPC floor:

Characteristics Of SPC Flooring:

Process Flow Of Spc Floor Production Line

SPC Floor Extrusion Line Drawing

Put the PVC resin K-67, Caco3, plasticizer, stabilizer, lubricant, acrylic compact modifier and carbon black as per formula dosed ratio into the Mixer/blender to get PVC dry blend. It will be firstly in the hot pot to reach 120 degree, then discharge into cold pot for cooling.

This is a very critical and essential step.
It will let the PVC dry blend get melted and get the slab, then material enters the roller and steadily shapes after being rolled by the roller. At long last, the slab is cooled and refined, will be created into the center base layer and base layer through the thick refining. In the meanwhile, the printed layer and wear layer will be heated and laminated on the slab in the temperature around 170°C.
But how to control the film tension during lamination and how to control the film left and right moving is a good question.

For SPC floor, only with wear layer it’s no enough to meet up the wearing testing for flooring use.
You must do a layer of Matte UV costing to increase the wearing times of SPC floor. Now the main UV costing is roller coating with liquid UV ( bottom layer UV and surface layer

After the paint is completely cured, the floor is sent to cold water to cool. At last, utilize a cooler to dry the water on the surface. At long last, put it into the ordinary temperature and ordinary state of being. The reason of treating is to fortify the shrinkage and warpage of the PVC floor through warming and cooling on the gathering line.

As a inter-lock flooring, the SPC floor must be slitted and then conveying into the DET line to finish the grooving process, and the Quick-step inter locking patent may use Unilinor Valinge

For customers’ optional choice, this step is needed if clients want to buy SPC FLOOR with IXPE underlayer. It applys the PUR hot melt glue which is environmental.

The flooring reviewed and does the ultimate cleaning sometimes before entering the packaging box. In specific, it is essential to evacuate self-evident scratches, pollutions, earth, bubbles, color contrast, discoloration, white edges, delamination, collapsing, slope, leftover point, etc. fizzled items. At last seal, the box, check the name and stamp substance accurately.

Configuration Table Of Spc Floor Production Line

S.N. Equipment name Model Qty Unit
1 Additives loader (PLC control) (7 hoppers) JL-B7 1 Set
2 1000/3000 Mixing equipment R1000/WL3000 2 Sets
3 SPC flooring Sheet Extrusion Line (Plastic Sheet Production Line-FLS1500) FL110/220-FLS1500 2 Sets
4 UV Coating line for SPC flooring JZ1300# 1 Set
5 Slitting and Grooving line KC-1300 1 Set
6 IXPE/EVA laminator for SPC flooring JL400 1 Set
7 Tools (30pcs diamond cutter & 20 pcs hydraulic sleeve & 10pcs hard metal saw blade ) 1 Set
8 Dust collection/extraction system XC-75 1 Set
9 PS850 Crusher PS850 1 Sets
10 MF1000 pulverizer MF1000 1 Set

SPC Flooring Extruder&mixer Model And Output Difference

Mixer type 500/1500 800/2500 1000/3000 1300/4500 1500/6000
Capacity (kg/hr) 800-1200 1200-1600 1600-2000 2000-2500 2600-3200
Capacity (kg/24hrs) 19000-28000 28000-38000 38000-48000 48000-60000 62400-76800
Extruder type FLZ92/188 FLZ110/220 FLE110/220 SJZ92&80 coex SP115 SP135
Screw type Conical Conical Conical Conical Parallel Parallel
Motor power(kw) 110 160/200 200 110&75 75 110/132
Capacity (kg/24hrs) 14000-18000 25000-32000 30000-36000 16000-22000 30000-40000 45000-60000
Sqm of 4mm SPC product 1700-2200 3000-3600 3600-4400 1900-2600 3500-4000 5000-6000

Precautions For SPC Floor Production Line

What FANLYPLAS Can Create?

FANLYPLAS is carefully designed according to the real needs of customers, doing its best to realize the needs of customers, to provide customers with energy-saving, economical and high-productivity solutions.From market research and technical communication to technical training and technical coaching, we communicate deeply with our customers to understand each other and thoroughly understand their usage requirements.

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PVC Foam board Extrusion Line - FAQ Guide

Your SPC floor making machine comes with a one year warranty that lasts for up to 12 months after the installation date. The warranty provides that in the event that any part of your equipment malfunctions owing to an uncontrolled aspect, you are entitled a free part. Within the 12 month period, you just have to inform us and we will send you a new part by air cargo or courier right away.  

There are several key raw materials that you need to produce SPC floor pieces of our caliber. To begin with, you need limestone and PVC resin powder. Other than that, you need a plasticizer, a stabilizer, and carbon powder. Here is why we choose each of the raw materials:

  • Limestone powder: It is preferred because of its acid solubility and water insolubility. The two attributes gives SPC floor high flexibility and provides higher opacity.
  • PVC resin powder: The powder provides excellent plasticity along with remarkable chemical stability. Other than that, it is completely odorless and non-toxic. It is a very common polymer but requires stabilizers as well as other key additives to bring out desirable characteristics.
  • Plasticizer: Our preferred plasticizer is DOTP owing to low viscosity and colorless nature. Since PVC is super hard, it requires a plasticizer to make it soft and elastic. In the same way, the plasticizer makes PVC easy to bend and whip into different shapes.
  • Stabilizer: The stabilizer has several functions including reduction of surface tension, maintaining chemical balance, and slowing down the reaction rate. Additionally, it curbs oxidation reactions along with preventing thermal decomposition. Primarily, the stabilizer enhances the quality of stability in the product.
  • Carbon black: It is a very stable pigment. Carbon black offers impeccable hiding or tinting capabilities. Other than that, carbon black is known to deliver great light resistance, chemical resistance, and heat resistance.

All the aforementioned materials are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

We currently have two models of the SPC floor production line. The first one comes with a conical twin-screw extruder while the second one features a parallel twin-screw extruder. The production capacity for the two models is the same except for the mode of functionality.

Our production line is super effective with a production capacity of 700 to 1650Kgs per hour. It is designed to make flooring pieces of a thickness of 2-8mm, a width of 975/1220/1850mm and a density of 2.0. All this comes out of a fully automated model that can be started by a single key. Additionally, the production line is very high precision with minimal errors. Our finished products boast of a 96% qualification rate. 

The first tip is to incorporate preventive and proactive maintenance. You need to enhance operator training and push for skill development among your employees. Moreover, you should come up with a proper schedule for planned maintenance. Regular cleaning and lubrication will curb early wear and tear. On the same note, constantly check your production line for any signs of wear and damage then repair where necessary. Moreover, it is imperative to keep your workshop tidy and organized. Dust and other residue material can be damaging. Finally, always cover up and protect your equipment when not in use.

Our company holds all the necessary production and quality related documents including CE and ISO certificates. We have worked with over 100 clients from all over the world delivering grade A production lines and other machinery. After making any machine, we welcome our clients to inspect and conduct test runs for quality assurance. If your personal requirements have not been met, we will do our best to rectify the errors. In the event that your demands have not been satisfied, which almost never happens, we will be more than willing to refund your deposit.

First, all our equipment including production lines is designed by seasoned industry experts and constructed under the highest quality standards. Therefore, quality should be the least of your concern. Apart from that, we allow our client to send independent or third party quality inspectors to test and ensure the machine is in working order after our work is done. This happens prior to the shipment process. In the unfortunate event that your production line indeed has a problem upon delivery, we will have our engineers come over to your workshop to troubleshoot and fix it.

SPC means Stone Plastic Composite in full. It is a kind of high-tech flooring technology that incorporates a blend of PVC and natural marble. The structure of the flooring material features a PVC layer that is robust and water resistant on the surface while limestone powder with high density creates the base. The final product forms a beautiful structure with realistic patterns that are wear resistant. SPC flooring is a perfect substitute for stone and hardwood.

You can request a sample of our SPC flooring and it will be sent to you in the shortest duration possible. We provide free samples to any serious customers who want to confirm the quality of the output of our production lines. Our customer representatives will ship it to you by DHL’s express freight upon request. However, you will be required to cater for the courier fees or shipping charges.

Our production line produces SPC floor planks of top notch quality. Here is a breakdown of their prominent advantages:

  • Affordable: The flooring offers unbeatable durability at a very affordable price. Its stain resistance, anti-fade resistance, anti-scratch resistance, and water resistance mimics what natural stone or hardwood would provide.
  • Environmentally friendly: The manufacturing process of our SPC flooring does not include the use of toxic material. We only utilize materials that are low-emitting, recyclable, and renewable.
  • Waterproof: Our flooring is entirely waterproof owing to a unique PVC core and unbeatable rigidity.
  • Effortless installation: You can utilize the loose-lay system or glue to install our floor material. Both methods demand limited surface preparation hence cutting on installation time or installation costs.
  • Easy maintenance: Our flooring material is easy to maintain as it does not require sealing or sanding. This is owing to incredible water proofing capabilities.
  • Decorative: The sparkle, style, and coziness that our flooring offers is out of this world. It is characterized by superb sound-reducing features as well as comfortable underfoot texture.

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